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Tuscany Towel Caddy


Tuscany Towel Caddy

A Max-R Towel Caddy provides a single location for both distribution of fresh towels and collection of used towels in a low-profile unit.

Made from our maintenance free Max-R Lumber™, the Towel Caddy comes in multiple sizes and gallon capacities and includes a rigid liner.


  • Choose from 10 standard colors of Max-R Lumber™ & 100s of color combinations
  • Logo Application
  • Framed Doors
  • Flap Door Option

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Logo & Graphic Applications

Our logo application options allow you to enhance your furnishings by incorporating your brand's logo, a green initiative logo, or can be utilized as a sponsorship opportunity.

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Max-R Lumber™

10 Standard Colors, 100s of Color Combinations

Customize your trim and panel colors by selecting from our 10 standard colors of Max-R Lumber™. Looking for a specific color? Let us know, custom colors are available upon request!











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Tuscany Single Towel Caddy
Dimensions* Capacity
14” W x 14” D x 49” H 12 gal
20” W x 20” D x 56” H 32 gal
24” W x 24” D x 51” H 38 gal
24” W x 24” D x 56” H 45 gal
Tuscany Double Towel Caddy
Dimensions* Capacity
40” W x 21” D x 43” H 32 gal
46” W x 24” D x 38” H 38 gal
46” W x 24” D x 43” H 45 gal
Tuscany Triple Towel Caddy
Dimensions* Capacity
58” W x 21” D x 43” H 32 gal
68” W x 24” D x 38” H 38 gal
68” W x 24” D x 43” H 45 gal

*Approximate Dimensions