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Custom Waste & Recycling Bin Manufacturing Facility | Max-R


One Family, One Vision, One Mission

Twenty years ago, The Prestwick Companies started on a mission to build long lasting, aesthetically pleasing site furnishings, all built in the United States. With business in 10 different markets and across 61 different countries, The Prestwick Companies morphed from a company with a sustainable product into a family of brands creating a sustainable future. Since 2000, Max-R has continued on that mission, finding new ways to innovate and change the culture of recycling. As the innovator of the customized waste and recycle bin, our in-house engineering and design team created nine signature collections, developed thousands of options and configurations, and limitless ways to customize your ideal waste and recycle bin.

Commercial waste and recycling bins customized for your facility by Max-R.

Our unique designs stand out in the marketplace thanks to our four signature design features:

We took these unique designs and combined them with our experience working with our 97% pure recycled HDPE material to create maintenance free, industry leading site furnishings.

The Max-R team is dedicated to not only delivering you the best waste & recycling bins and site furnishings available, our expert sales teams have in-depth industry knowledge based on years of experience in the markets we serve helping you identify the right bin for the right waste management application to ensure the success of your sustainability program.

Markets Served:

Our headquarters is located in Sussex, WI. We operate out of a 60,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility powered by 100% renewable energy. With over $150 million in shipments, our 120 employees work to proudly manufacture the highest quality sustainable furnishings in the world.

Explore our client gallery to inspire your project or reach out to our sales team to initiate your facility needs assessment and bin design project today!