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Bates College students posing in front of a Max-R waste and recycle bin

Custom waste and recycle bin (with liquid funnel)

Closeup of the liquid funnel in use

Closeup of the liquid funnel in use

Max-R first partnered with Bates College in 2015 to design bins for the campus food service areas. After receiving their initial order, Bates College reached out with a unique need. They wanted a waste and recycle bin that had a funnel to help collect liquids. In conjunction with the Bates’ Custodial Supervisor and Sustainability Coordinator, Max-R’s Engineering and Design team created a waste and recycle bin that would allow users to discard of their leftover liquids. The unique stream was designed to be a part of their standard bin, but the circle opening would connect to a funnel that emptied into a bucket inside of the bin, allowing for quick and clean servicing of the bin.

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