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Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field furniture by Max-R

Laguna Bar Tables, Maywood Bar Side Chairs
Customized Terra Waste Station

Max-R worked with the Chicago Cubs to help them furnish some new renovations to their Left Field Porch. As part of their 1060 Project, the organization is committed to making investments to Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhood to "improve the guest experience and keep millions of Cubs fans coming back to Wrigley Field every year."

After an initial site consultation, our design team put together a site plan with multiple branded Laguna Bar Tables and Maywood Bar Side Chairs that complimented the goal they set for the space. In addition to the outdoor furniture, we also provided coordinated Recycling Stations and Portable Bars. The new space gives fans a relaxed environment to watch games and interact with each other in a more open setting.

Product Information

Branded Laguna Bar Tables, Maywood Bar Side Chairs and Customized Terra Waste Bins

Product Location

Left Field Porch and Stadium Exterior