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Waste & Recycling Bin Customization Process | Max-R


Our Customization Process

We believe that your waste and recycling program deserves more than just a blue bin. It deserves a thoughtfully planned collection of bins that are going to meet all of your functional and aesthetic needs as well as your brand standards and will foster the growth of your sustainability program.

To that end, we brought the customized waste and recycle bin to the marketplace. Our shelves aren’t stocked with products waiting to ship the moment your order is placed. The process begins with us learning more about your waste and recycle program and its unique needs. We’ll visit your facility and make recommendations for the right combination of customized waste and recycling bins and site furnishings based on industry wide best practices and your unique recycling goals.

Once we've established the right combination of bins and site furnishings for your project, we'll walk you through the customization process to ensure your bins look as good as they perform!

Experience it for yourself by visiting the Max-R Product Configurator. Start by choosing a bin from one of our nine collections, select the gallon capacity, choose a color combination from our ten standard colors, and easily walk through the entire process including final hardware selections.

Experience Customization Made Easy® or contact us today to have our team of experts help you build a successful waste and recycling program.