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Commercial recycling and waste management by Roger Guzowski

Aug 20, 2015

Roger Guzowski


Education, Planning, Waste and Recycling

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Tips for Start of the School Year Recycling

If you are a college or university, depending on when classes start, you are either already knee deep in student move-in issues or about to be. If you are a new reader, below are some previously-written blog posts to help you navigate some of the recycling and sustainability issues you will encounter as the students return. And if you are a returning reader, hopefully one of these posts will remind you of something that you said you wanted to try this year.


In the residence halls, the biggest issue when students return is cardboard. Whether its stuff for their room that they brought with them from home, or stuff they bought from a local store just after they arrived, most of that stuff comes in cardboard boxes that are discarded after they are unpacked. It’s a LOT of cardboard, enough so that what you do with the cardboard as the students move in can impact your recycling rate for the entire year. To help you navigate that, check out: