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Helping Students Understand Staff
Commercial recycling and waste management by Roger Guzowski

Aug 28, 2013

Roger Guzowski


Best practices, Operations

Helping Students Understand Staff

Every year, the Beloit Mindset List tries to help faculty and staff relate to the mindset of the incoming 1st year college class. As a faculty or staff member, this is a terrifying list, where you realize how old you are getting. But what about the reverse? How does an incoming class understand the 30-65 year old faculty and staff around them? Let’s see if this can help:

For students, I’m hoping this helps to make your interactions with faculty and staff more productive, or at least a little less puzzling. If you have any other follow up questions (anything from “why don’t they understand when I ask them to send me a PDF” to “would they have been there for the Lincoln assassination”) feel free to e-mail and I’ll see what I can do to help.