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When The Coast Is Clear
Commercial recycling and waste management by Roger Guzowski

Sep 11, 2014

Roger Guzowski


When the Coast is Clear

Planning for the Off Season

If you are a park or attraction for who summer is the primary, and perhaps only season, Labor Day often marks the end of your year. Whether or not you officially close on Labor Day, attendance drops dramatically when kids return to school and the family vacations come to an end. However, as you prepare for your offseason, the end of the season brings some recycling and solid waste decisions.

Now that summer attendance has dropped, do you still need the same level of trash and recycling pickup that you had in July? Have you met with your waste hauler? Do you have a plan with your waste hauler and recycling service provider to scale back on the frequency of pickup and/or size of your containers during the off season? Have you identified when the start of next season is and when you will need additional pickups again?

Here’s hoping that your season that just ended met your expectations and that you enjoy your off-season. Do you have any end of season stories or advice that you want to share with other readers? If so, leave a comment below.