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Round Doggie Waste Station

Round Permanent Doggie Waste Station

Rigid Liner Included

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Round Doggie Waste Station

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The Max-R Doggie Waste Station empowers visitors to keep your park and walk areas tidy.

Made from our maintenance free Max-R Lumber™, the Doggie Waste Station is available with a permanent mount and includes a rigid liner.


  • Multiple Sizes & Gallon Capacities Available
  • Choose from 10 standard colors of Max-R Lumber™
  • Permanent or Portable Post Mount Options
  • Logo Application on Square Station
  • Easy to Read Labels
  • Lockable Door
  • Flap Door
  • Sign & Box Kit Available

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Logo & Graphic Applications

Our logo application options allow you to enhance your furnishings by incorporating your brand's logo, a green initiative logo, or can be utilized as a sponsorship opportunity.

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Max-R Lumber™

10 Standard Colors, 100s of Color Combinations

Customize your trim and panel colors by selecting from our 10 standard colors of Max-R Lumber™. Looking for a specific color? Let us know, custom colors are available upon request!

Green Color Block


Black Color Block


Tan Color Block


White Color Block


Brown Color Block


Gray Color Block


Blue Color Block


Navy Color Block


Auburn Color Block


Caramel Color Block


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Round Permanent Doggie Waste Station
Round Permanent Doggie Waste Station
Size Dimensions*
10 gal 18" Dia x 20" H

*Approximate Dimensions