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Standards Make Sense

Standards Make Sense

Recycle Across America® (RAA) has created the world's first and only society-wide standardized labeling system. The standard labels make it easier for people to recycle right, reducing stream contamination. Max-R has partnered with Recycle Across America to offer their labels to our customers as a standard option for their customized bins.

The Labels

There is a standardized label created for nearly every sorting need and a size for nearly every bin. If you don't see the label that you're looking for below, contact us and we'll work to make sure you have the appropriate label for your bin.

Mixed recycling
Glass cans plastic containers cartons
Cans and plastic bottles
Paper cans plastic bottles
Paper - clean and dry no food contact
Cardboard - dry and flattened - no food contact
Plastic bottles and jugs only
Plastics - accepting numbers
Glass bottles and jars only
Aluminum cans
Cans - aluminum, steel and tin
Food only
Waste to energy
Refundable containers
Yard waste
Cell phones
E-cycle electronics
Add Recycle Across America Labels to Your Max-R Bins

Add Recycle Across America Labels to Your Max-R Bins

Contact your Sales Representative to find out how you can add RAA labels to your bins. We'll work with you to make sure your bin is designed to meet your unique needs and that the labels match your waste streams.

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